Wool Underlay / Topper - Cot, Single, King Single

MoeMoe Underlays for Childrens' Bed Sizes

Made with 500gsm New Zealand wool 

This beautiful cot underlay / mattress protector will help your baby/child to sleep better because of it's natural thermal qualities which regulate his/her body temperature through the night. This mattress protector will improve the quality of sleep for your whole family as your child wakes less through the night, and it will also extend the life of your mattress. 

With strong elastic grips, it won't slip around on the mattress if you have an active little sleeper!

Care instructions: Spot clean with an environmentally friendly wool detergent.  Do not soak.  Hand wash and dry flat away from direct sunlight.  Do not iron. Washing machines are not recommended.  We recommend you hang your underlay in the sun for a few hours every six months to rejuvenate.

5 year guarantee (but is made to last much longer). Made in New Zealand

Size Length
Cot 1300 700 NZ$79
Single 1900 920 NZ$129
King Single 2010 1070 NZ$139



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Why do I need a wool underlay/mattress protector for my baby's cot / child's bed?

Young children are active sleepers and leaks and accidents occur often.  An underlay provides additional protection for your cot mattress and is easier to clean than the mattress itself.

However there are also significant health benefits for a child sleeping on a wool underlay.  Bearing in mind that young children spend roughly half their day asleep, organic wool's natural qualities provide a superior sleep experience because the extra later of wool naturally:

  • helps regulate body temperature and provides better air circulation, keeping your child warmer in winter and cooler (and dryer) in summer,
  • improves sleep hygiene by creating a healthier, drier sleeping environment,
  • is more comforable and helps them to feel snug and secure,
  • is dust mite resistant and naturally hypoallergenic so improves the quality of sleep for children with allergies or sensitive skins

Independent tests prove that sleeping with wool helps maintain a lower, more consistent heart rate so your child will sleep more soundly.

If your cot mattress contains synthetic or manmade products, a woollen underlay will provide significant health and hygiene benefits.  It will provide a buffer between your child and the synthetic and processed materials in their mattress, greatly improving the quality of their sleep.

Can I use this wool underlay in winter and summer?

Yes, definitely!  Wool is a wonder fibre than has evolved over a million years and provides an incredible base to create the perfect natural sleeping environment.  It has an incomparable ability to maintain a perfect microclimate between your body and bedding. Unlike synthetics, natural wool breathes and controls moisture meaning that it has a natural ability to respond to changes in temperature. This unique property helps to keep us warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot because it absorbs moisture from our skin and releases it into the air.  Since the humidity level between your skin and bedding is lowered, you will not feel clammy.  It’s perfect for summer and winter!

Wool has numerous natural attributes that make it one of the most comfortable of fabrics to sleep with.  It is non-allergenic, soft and easy to care for.  Wool contains natural fire retardants without having to have any synthetic chemicals added so provides a safe and secure sleep.

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